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We've had a lot of old fans and friends tells us that there would be some interest in old Blue Kangaroo recordings and some of the crazy merchandise we put out in those years. Enduring a brutal learning curve for old farts like us, we decided join the cyberworld and offer a taste of the old days to anyone interested. We're going to start by offering a few of our most popular recordings and T-shirts, and add more slowly to the site as interest is generated. The old albums will be offered on CD or cassette tape and the T-shirts, caps, etc. will be pretty much the same. By now some of you have worn out our old stuff and need to show your kids what you were up to when you were a lot younger. WARNING! Our recordings are really politically incorrect by today's standards, and almost everything we did was off-color or insulting...or both.


We would both like to hear from old friends and fans even if there's no interest in the silly shit we put out.


All queries are welcome!





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